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Not Just a Clothing Brand

It's a movement

Founded With a Mission

Humankind has held onto decades of gender stereotypes. We are breaking the norm. "Decades" was founded to create an unbiased, gender-free wardrobe that makes you feel
confident in who you truly are. We challenge the status-quo of the fashion industry, setting the tone for inclusiveness by making individually picked and ethically sourced clothing for queer folks.

Connect with the voices
Achieve Inclusivity

For many years, people of our community have fought long and hard to be seen, heard and recognized. Still, the fight is not over.  Despite the progress, we want the world to understand us for who we are, not just what we represent. The name ‘Decades’ draws inspiration from past generations who dedicated their lives to achieve the inclusivity
that we experience today. Our brand connects with the voices of the free-minded community by creating a safe space where many can support the movement. We believe that what we wear, boldly reflect our identities; this is why we make genderless clothes, sustainably made and inclusive of all shapes and sizes, for
decades more to come.

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Faux leather shorts
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Who we Are

Queerness should be celebrated, yet society continues to make us an afterthought and never the focus. We deserve more than being the backdrop of diversity. As a result, our inspiration was borne out of frustration at being unable to find outfits that matched our personal style. Today, we work extra hard to create gender-defying fashion, designed for queers and non-binary people like ourselves.

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A Free Space

Our brand is a free space for queer folk like us, who share similar interests and tastes. We want to be part of this change for many years—no more holding onto labels and fitting into ‘boxes’. Don’t get us wrong – everyone is welcome here. But our number one priority is and will always be the 2SLGBTQIA+ community. So if you’re as enthusiastic as we are about our genderless fashion brand, join our movement today